Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Victory in CA!!

Hip hip hurrah! Ass. (you know....short for "ASSemblyman"....yah, riiiiight) "Lightbulb" Levine has withdrawn, for the time being, the travesty known to dog fanciers as the "Pet Extinction Act" (which he calls the "Healthy Pets Act"). Good riddance to bad rubbish - now throw Levine in the bin too!! Better yet - neuter him! We don't need him adding to our gene pool - he has a lousy temperament!

I am not even in California (although dogs of my breeding reside there) and got fired up about this bill. Its passage would have had far-reaching effects through the nation, and I've heard hints that similar legislation will be introduced to the Texas legislature in the near future. Here's hoping that's strictly rumor! Being a member on the pet-law list ( - get on board if you want to be kept informed!!), I hear all sorts of horror stories about abuse of the law by animal control officers, as well as the propaganda spewed by the PeTA and HSUS - whose goal is to end the owning of pets in any way, shape or form. I also get to see success stories as well as see folks in action and get advice on how to act and protect my rights as a dog owner, breeder and exhibitor. I saw the initial push to contact CVMA-member vets and watched as those vets come out and speak against the CVMA who had originally put itself on the support list for AB 1634. More and more spoke out against the organization of which they were members. And success was acheived when CVMA removed itself from the support list for the bill and officially announced itself as "neutral". I believe this ended up being the death knell for Levine's "piece of work".

So three cheers for the hard-working good guys who helped get this flushed! Hip hip hurrah.

And here's my fave poster from the whole debacle. Goodness does it get its point across!!

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