Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Holidaze - How We Spent the 4th

We spent the day attempting to take care of things around the disaster we call home. Victor picked up some supplies at Home Depot to fix our dryer vent. For whatever reason, the Silkens in the yard by the house/driveway think that the outside vent was put there for their own enjoyment. The latest play session(s) once again obliterated the outside cover, then the removal of the hose and various other parts through the hole. They also managed to remove a big chunk of the inside drywall. The end result was a fine entryway for flies and mosquitoes to come in at their leisure. So at least it's plugged up for now! Hopefully it will last a good long time, considering the sauna I walked into this morning while checking on laundry.

Speaking of saunas - once again the a/c has gone out in the Sprinter, yet again causing me to cuss various converters (ok....THE converter), and now once-reliable mechanics. Timing is really bad too - as I am supposed to leave for Colorado Friday morning for a series of Rarities shows (as well as delivering some Borzoi to their new homes). So we will be attempting to cram 6 Silkens and the additional passengers into the Astro van for this trip. Thanks goodness it's the Silkens and not Borzoi!

Of course we were prepping for my trip as well. Tomorrow night will be bath night for everyone to try and get them spiffed up for the show. It's an ISWS Specialty Show at one of the shows - so I'm hoping to snag a needed ISWS win on one of my guys to put towards their ISWS championship. Taking Gabe, Trouble, Kandi, Luna, Ginger, and, of course, Tyler.

Also spent a good bit of time cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen where the pups are stationed. Steam-cleaned their area (and the rest of the floors afterward) and then went over it with Lysol. We switched out ex-pens as well so we could clean the old one. Of course, the one day we really wanted it to rain some (since the old pen is stationed in the yard) didn't. We really wanted the pen to get a soaking after spraying it down with Lysol. Oh well...maybe tomorrow!

Also working on getting my new laptop set up. I've been installing programs throughout the day, and setting up the extensions in the Firefox browser (after I installed the browser itself) and in the Dreamweaver program. I just had to bite the bullet last night and pick it up at Sam's Club. Another Vaio with more capability than the previous one...but cheaper. Wasn't too thrilled with the Vista OS being on it....but looks like it will do. So far everything installed on it without issue, including my pedigree software - we shall see. Now maybe I can get some things done around here as far as computer work!

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