Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Talk About Fireworks!

Well....Solo has finally ventured into the realm of true "studhood". He has (finally) physically covered a bitch <vbg>. We had done an AI with Monkee, because I wanted to be assured of pups, and we couldn't get him interested in hopping on top. He would flirt and flirt and flirt....then come over to me as if to ask "did I do it?"

Last night I turned him and Duri out in the yard to let them play and flirt. I actually had to go and retrieve them from the far corner so I could continue on with the rest of the evening's duties - but I considered it a good sign! Especially since Duri wasn't chewing on his head when he actually mounted! So we tried in the living room this afternoon...a whole lotta work (on their parts), and flirting, and drooling, and panting. Nothing. So we put them up for a while to let them cool down while we did other things around here. We postponed Solo's trip to Jill's tonight so we could try again. He has shows Friday through Sunday, and I'm going out of town Friday morning - so it was now or never!

Brought them back out for another try this evening - and it looked like it was going to be a repeat of the matinee. So much so that Victor went outside to handle watering the dogs in the yards. Well....Solo finally managed to hit the mark (or fall in <vbg> - she's not a dainty girl)!! I couldn't help but giggle that right afterward, the sound of fireworks came from down the street and then the dogs in the house setting off into a group howl after they tied. Ta-da!

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