Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some Knuckle Dragging Humor

On one of the chat lists I am on, there were comments made about the recent passing of a federal law prohibiting the interstate commerce of primates. Why oh why, when our economy is in the crapper, are our federal legislators making monkeys of themselves? Why should they care about this type of issue at this time?!

Another person on that list expressed the sentiment that I will expand upon here...with the passage of this one, it's going to be mighty difficult for politicians to get to their DC offices if chimps can't travel across state lines!!

Your tax $$ at work (not!)

Gosh - I can't wait to see what federal (or state, or local) travesty our politicians will come up with next to control dog breeders while the economy keeps making that great sucking sound.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Beta Hams It Up

Little Beta (Isaak/Serena), who lives with Martha in CT, was invited to a photo shoot for a dog products catalog. Martha sent some emails about the experience and has allowed me to post them here. I am so proud that he was such a good little ambassador for Silkens and for Gryffyn's Aeyrie. I get "Beta Stories" and photos regularly, so I get to experience vicariously his antics.

Below is a picture of Beta modeling one of Martha's biothane collar creations. Check out her website to see more of them!


He was so well-behaved and such a hit they ended up asking us to stay for the whole day and using him for three products instead of one. He got to spend the day lying on a luxurious dog bed in the main house, rather than crated like the ‘heathen’ dogs and he even joined us all for lunch. Once he realized what was expected of him was to just lay there (on a fluffy throw, or in front of an ornate dog gate), and get praised for looking at us when we told him to, he was totally into it. He was still posing when the cameras were put away, and we had to remove him from the overstuffed antique couch, where I guess he thought he was staying for the night—which by the way, would have been fine with the owner of the estate!

They got some really nice pictures—cute shots with ears up, as well as very elegant shots with the “Sighthound” gaze. They are going to send me a CD with all the pictures and I’ll post them to the photos section when I get it.

There was an AKC breed judge there who totally fell in love with him and was watching for us to arrive. When she found out a Silken Windhound was coming to the photo shoot, she looked up the breed standards and history and she was duly impressed with Beta.

We had to make a stop at a Borzoi breeder vet on the way to the shoot this am. He has wanted to see Beta since he arrived here in September. When we got there he was in surgery, but ungloved and ungowned to come out and stack Beta and go over him. He was duly impressed, as well.

It was a great day for the little Silken Windhound boy.

The last shot they did on the antique couch was of him lying on a big fur throw the color of a fox/rabbit. Long haired, very realistic. When I brought him into the room and he saw it, his ears went straight up and I thought, "Ut-oh, he's going to kill the product--the very expensive product," but when he felt how comfortable it was to lay on, he just stretched out and lounged.

He had to be carried back and forth through the house all day because of the high polish on the floors, and 'placed' into position so as not to disturb the set-up. Hope he doesn't expect that treatment at home!

I got a call from the photographer's assistant last night thanking me and telling me how much they liked him and what a cooperative model he was. Can't tell him, though, seems like the experience has already gone to his head--I caught him posing on the bed signing autographs for the Berners this am!! LOL!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some Recent Successes

The past couple show weekends have been good to us. At the Fort Bend Shows in mid-January J/T was Winners Dog both days (with a Best of Winners on Sunday) and Solo was BOB both days. The joy was dampened a bit by the overworked Astro van's fuel pump dying about a mile from the show site on Sunday. Since my would-be rescuer (my dad) was with me...I was feeling pretty darned stuck! Thanks to a fellow Borzoi-fancier, Krista Hunt, we got back to Dad's house after the van was picked up by AAA. Krista was so kind (thank you thank you THANK YOU!) to drive us across town to northwest Houston from Richmond (south west of Houston).

J/T is Best of Winners at Fort Bend KC's Sunday show; Judge Clyde Morris

At the AAWC AKC lure trials the following weekend, J/T was 2nd on Saturday for 1 point and on Sunday won the Open stake and BOB for a 3 point major. We tried running Buster again - but he is still afraid of the other dogs after the collision he experienced the last time out. I guess the boy is going to need some time. At least his brother Wulfie is showing some promise.

At the San Marcos shows just this past weekend, J/T was Winners Dog both days and again Best of Winners on the second day. Solo was Best of Breed both days and also took a Group 2 on Saturday! The girls (Faina and Bugg) didn't fare so well - I had really hoped to get that last 2 singles on Bugg.

I also received word from Sylvia that Sasha (Gryffyn's Aeyrie Sonorus, Solo ex. Duri) was Winners Dog at the Friday RMBC trophy supported entry in Denver. Sasha also won Best Opposite Puppy in Sweepstakes at the RMBC Specialty Show the next day (same as the last RMBC Specialty Sweeps, when he was defeated by sister Nox) and also was Reserve Winners on Monday (to the father of Sassi's litter, Glaze).

Monday, February 16, 2009


Thank goodness I at least have somewhere to start after over 6 years of dealing with the chronic fatigue, which in the last year began to include chronic pain. Not to mention an increasing frequency and intensity of migraine headaches.

I went in to the doctor's office Monday a week ago and talked with a new fellow at the clinic. This guy had also helped me when I fell in the yard and twisted my knee and exacerbated the back issues. I liked him then, and I like him even more now!

He requested more blood testing, but chose some panels that had not been done before. He also was not dismissive when I asked for something on Vitamin D after Rebecca had suggested it to me.

He also gave me some sample meds to try for the migraines. Since I had been fighting one since 4 that morning, and it felt like it was trying to come on strong again around 6 that evening, I tried a Treximet. BAD IDEA! It felt like I had set my head on fire!! The back of my head and neck just started to throb with jabbing pain, and my lower jaw started to feel tight. Worst feeling EVER! I rolled up a heating pad and laid my head on it and waited for it to pass - it took almost an hour. I would have just preferred the migraine. When I spoke to the assistant at the clinic Friday about test results, I related my experience to her and he has now called in a scrip for Midrin. Here's hoping it helps on the next migraine event.

Thyroid results are not yet back, but some others are...

  • Of the two panels for Vitamin D - one came back low.

  • Elevated WBC (white blood cell) count - indicating infection somewhere

  • Also, some inflammatory markers indicating autoimmune disease issues came back elevated. I managed to make an appointment with a rheumatologist. The bad news is that the first appointment available for new patients is March 17 (I took it, of course). The good news - maybe I can get some definitive answers now - hallelujah!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Website Redesign - ISWS

Years ago I had done the ISWS (International Silken Windhound Society) web site - and now I have re-done it! A CSS table-less layout with some updated graphics and a more aesthetic appeal. The organization has grown during the past few years adding various programs so we needed to update the navigation a bit and I also added an area for "quick links" at the bottom to expedite finding various forms and policies and other more popular areas of the site. The index page is a different layout than the rest of the site.

I will eventually add more images so that the picture on the index page and the picture at the top right of the other pages will rotate automatically.