Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WWJD - A Bit of Humor

On one of the various Yahoo groups I am on, someone provided a link to a podcast of a sermon from their church (part of it dealt with not succumbing to the animal rights agenda but also treating animals ethically and with kindness). The sermon was titled "What Would Jesus Drive". Another list member responded with the following which gave me the biggest smile I have had in a while:

I am thinking that Jesus would drive the first car mentioned in the bible, which would be a Plymouth. For it says in Genesis that the Lord drove Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden in a Fury.

Now there's some wit!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Site Updates at Gryffyn's Aeyrie

Been spending part of the holiday taking pictures, editing pictures and getting them uploaded to the Gryffyn's Aeyrie site. There have been several other updates as well not posted to the blog - so check it all out through the updates page at

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Ho-Ho 2008

[ click to enlarge! ]

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gettin' Edu-ma-cated

I was once told that I had a "curious mind". I am not sure if the person meant I tend to be inquisitive, or that they could not grasp how my brain functioned. I am always trying to learn one thing or another, and can tend to take on projects more for the learning experience(s) than any display of altruism. I like to try new things, although I can be impatient if I am not picking up on things quick enough for my personal preference.

When I get frustrated having problems learning a new program or procedure I try to find a step-by-step book to help. Sometimes I will take a class. Thankfully my job allows so much per year for professional development. So now....I am developing and spending three days at a training center for various Adobe products, enrolled in their Photoshop class. I've used Paint Shop Pro since when I was self-teaching myself all those years ago, it had the easiest learning curve and was also easiest on my budget. PSP's company was bought out by Corel some time ago (not sure what version they are on now, last I saw was 10 but I was still using version 7 since I got along with it!) and it seems my needs (and that of my employer) have progressed. So...just like switching to Dreamweaver from Front Page, I am now making the switch to Photoshop.

But I needed a little spoon-feeding of it since doing what I thought were the more simple things in PSP, I still haven't figured out in PS.

I also enrolled in an online course through the local community college to learn Adobe's Fireworks, another graphics program focused on the creation of images for the web. I paid for this one myself, since the other class pretty much spent my budget for the year. But I'm learning a LOT!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Picture Updates

Over the past couple months I have added BUNCHES of pictures to the Gryffyn's Aeyrie web site - show pix and various candids and puppy pictures. The latest photos were some stacks of J/T taken while we were attending the ASFA regional invitational on Thanksgiving weekend (including the lovely face shot to the left). Photos from the LSBC specialty show, puppy updates, even the 2007 Silkenfest photos that I recently (finally) ordered from Shot on Site (just kept putting it off - since I knew I was going to be ordering waaaaaay too much!).

So check out the updates page for a listing of updates with direct links to the goodies.