Monday, April 6, 2009

HSUS' "Whiney Wayne" Spreads More Manure

An interesting article was posted to one of the pet law lists I am on, and I got pretty disgusted at Wayne Pacelle spreading more crap defending the false conception of HSUS (whose true goal is eliminating animal breeding and ownership entirely).

The HSUS said Kunzleman's comments are an unfair representation of the work done by the HSUS. The organization uses its money to contribute to animal shelters in ways that are not represented in specific dollar amounts awarded to shelters, said HSUS President and CEO Wayne Pacelle.

"We offer continuing education for shelter directors, and we offer a number of education opportunities and help shelters improve, and none of those efforts are represented in direct donations to shelters," Pacelle said.


What Pacelle has failed to include in his statement (lie by omission?) is that shelter directors PAY for "continuing education." It is not donated. "Education opportunities" to help shelters improve - those are paid for as well, not donated. Under the guise of "consulting fees" such as the thousands charged to the Lied shelter in Nevada some years ago. They charged almost $23K for a review of San Luis Obispo County (CA) Animal Services in 2008. NOT DONATED. With the millions upon millions of dollars taken in with various "pity this and that" campaigns, you would think they could spare donating that consulting fee so as not to cause more financial hardship on already strapped shelters.

They even offer a 108-page report for purchase on their website (see it here). What is advocated inside it? How-to's on getting restrictive legislation passed against dog fanciers such as mandatory spay/neuter; and mandatory breeder permits/licensing and other breeding restrictions.

I guess I could give Whiney Wayne credit for telling a smidgen of truth when he says "none of those efforts are represented in direct donations to shelters." Exactly. They are not donations to shelters - they are payments from shelters to HSUS. That is what HSUS LOVES more than anything else - money.

The article can be found at

I am certainly not a fan of pet store puppies - but I also realize that serious dog fanciers/hobbyists can not fill the desires of everyone who wants to bring a puppy into their home - there are just too many JQP's that want tiny toy dogs or the more popular breeds.

Unfortunately some folks are also not willing to undergo the scrutiny of responsible hobby breeders who want to make sure that the pups from their home go to a "forever home" where they will be well cared for their entire (and hopefully long) lives. Or they are not patient enough and want instant gratification - something a pet store seems to have in constant supply.

As a footnote...what do HSUS consultants advise when faced with a newborn litter of pups from a pit bull? Kill them. What did they advise the Lied shelter to do when animals at the overcrowded shelter may have been exposed to disease? Kill them (instead of donating some of their millions to help them). Oh...and they also disallowed purebred rescue groups to pull dogs and thereby relieve some of the burden on the shelter. What did they advise when faced with the seized Vick dogs and experienced pit bull rescues were volunteering their services?

Kill them.

Please don't send these shysters any more $ and see them for what they truly are. A menace.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Catalog Ad for SilkenFest

Pretty happy with today's work, considering I feel like I am suffering from a creative block - likely from the sinus block I am experiencing, as it seems I caught the creepin' crud during the flight back from D.C.

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