Saturday, October 27, 2007

Web Site Update - Glacier Kennels

Updated the web site for Glacier Kennels today. Lisa had GREAT success with 2 pups from her Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon litter at the national specialty, along with some other wins, and her Borzoi Jewel also added a nice win to her credit at a Canadian Gazehound specialty show. She's also got plans for a future litter. Check is out at

California and Bust

It was a loooooooooooong drive to Antioch, California in order to attend an ISWS Regional Specialty (BooFest!), which I've been to twice previously. It's been held every other year - but may soon become an annual event. The main purpose for going was for Tyler, because of an interpretation on the poorly written show rules regarding the attainment of an ISWS Grand Champion I needed to go where the dogs were. I also had several others in attendance - Luna, Trouble, Gabe, Luna's daughter Missi, and Ginger (who was being dropped off for a friend to take home for a bit in order to be bred to one of her males).

Tyler came away empty-pawed, but I can't complain too badly. Gabe won the Bred-By Exhibitor Dog class, then went on to win Winners Dog/Best of Winners and Best Bred-By in Show! This gives him his ISWS-qualifying win towards his ISWS championship...which is fabulous! Although it does mean I will need to get him to some Rarities shows now in order to work on getting more points! Ember, who now lives with Alison of Tangaloor Silkens, won Winners Bitch from the Open class! Then Missi won Best Puppy in Show despite her very rotten behavior. She's certainly lovely - but she's also an electric-red, first class BRAT.

Tyler did get a little something while he was there - he had several trysts with his "intended", Cinder, who conveniently was in standing heat during our visit. So hopefully we will have news from Joyce that pups will be coming in late December. Cinder is our Duncan's sister and has that same, effortless, ground-covering stride. Her first litter has a great depth of quality and beautiful type, so I have high hopes since we will be getting a pup. Joyce was kind enough to put up me and the critters during our brief stay. The dogs enjoyed the romp through the landscaped and hilly yard, and Tyler....well....enjoyed his romp.

The drive itself was relatively uneventful, although in Mojave they had closed the freeway for a bit due to super-high winds which made it dangerous for high profile vehicles (and the Zoibus certainly qualifies for that!). On Friday night I decided to find a hotel to crash at, and came upon the Canyon Inn (somewhere between Flagstaff and Williams, AZ). It's fun to find a place to stay that's not the usual franchise and has its own "personality" - and this place sure fit the bill. The lady that checked me in was very friendly too. Good thing I chose a hotel, since it hit below freezing that night - and I was warm and cozy. It wasn't an expensive stay, they gave me a little goody bag and biscuits for the dog, and they even had free wireless internet. I must figure on staying there again.

On the way home, east of Henrietta, on a lonely (not to mention dark) 2-lane road, the Zoibus blew out its left rear tire. I didn't have good cell phone reception, but managed to get hold of AAA to ask for a truck to come out. It was getting chilly, I could hardly see, and I could hear coyotes. It too over 3 and a half hours to get a truck to me - thanks to a series of miscommunications - and I was a wreck by the time they got there thanks to the poor phone reception and wondering how long I would be stuck. Don't particularly remember the rest of the drive home since I was too tired. Thank goodness there wasn't any cars parked on the shoulder, since I tested the rumble strips on several occasions - those parts I do remember. Ended up taking a day off from work in order to sleep off the adrenalin hangover.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sassi Pup Pix

Got some pictures taken and uploaded of the pups on their first day.

Sassi is being a wonderful mother and the pups are lil' chubsters - always at the milk bar.

Their online gallery is here on the Gryffyn's Aeyrie site.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sassi Delivers!

About 2 hours after I returned home from the TTKC shows in Canton, Sassi went into labor. She delivered 5 lovely pups - 4 boys and a girl! Two of the boys are cream spotted and the rest are red sable spotted. Hope to post pictures on the web site soon - will update with a post here!

A Weekend to Remember!

The Tyler Texas Kennel Club dog shows ended up being mighty successful for us! Moose, seemingly holding the title of "Reserve King" won Winners Dog both days and finished his AKC championship! So he's now officially CH Gryffyn-Wyvern's Speak O'T'Devil, JC! Lars actually got Reserve Winners on Saturday, winning over an older entry with much more coat than he (since he's growing out after his puppy coat blow).

Solo won Best of Breed both days and really put the icing on the cake by winning a Group 3 on Saturday (under Borzoi breeder/judge Dan Dowling, Ajjarda Borzoi - also the class judge) and then taking a Group 2 on Sunday under an Argentinian judge who had more really nice things to say about him. He said he thought that Solo was even better than dogs he had judged in the breed's home country of Russia! The show site was as wonderful as always - plenty of room and not having to park in the next county from the show building.

I am so proud of our boys!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Spells Pups - 5 Week Photos

Attempted some 5-week stacked photos of the "Spells" puppies and came out with some nice ones - one of our better sessions! I am thrilled that the little girl I've had my eye on since day 1 - the fiery redhead - is looking quite nice structurally as well. She has been christened "Pumpkin" as a nickname. Couldn't help myself when someone referred to her coloring as similar to a pumpkin! You can see the new stack pix starting at the bottom of this page of our web site.