Sunday, April 13, 2014

First Quarter 2014 – UKC Rankings

Deuce showing at the 2012 Silken Windhound national specialty showThe UKC Rankings for Events through March 30, 2014 have Deuce ranked as the Top Silken Windhound as of the end of the first quarter of 2014. He had gone with Victor to shows in Hutto, taking Best of Breed all 4 shows that weekend, and then he won a couple more at the Denton shows in early March. Needless to say, I am quite proud of the “White Tornado”!

Of course he is likely to move down from there for a while as we likely will not make it to any more UKC shows until after showing at the Premier in June (where Pasha will be competing in the Top Ten Invitational, defending his #1 spot from 2013). Hopefully Deuce the Doof will pick up steam again in the late summer!
Deuce is pictured showing at SilkenFest 2012 in the 12-18 Month class.

Friday, March 7, 2014

New Arrival – Talisman Gryffyn’s Dulcimer, “Dulci” (Silken Windhound)

Meet our newest Silken Windhound!



This past Saturday we had a “special delivery” via American Airlines from Walnut Creek, CA courtesy of Joyce Chin (Talisman Hounds). A cute little gold brindle spotted girlie-pup named Dulcimer (or “Dulci”). She is a daughter of our Pryss (Gryffyn’s Aeyrie Centerfold) who was Best Puppy in Sweepstakes at the 2009 SilkenFest (the Silken Windhound national specialty show). Pryss had been leased for a breeding a couple years ago in the PNW area and had come to be at Joyce’s as we worked to get her back to Texas. After she had been at Joyce’s for a bit, I got an email asking if I would be interested in letting her become a California girl. It took a bit of persuading, but we eventually agreed on doing a co-breeding with a puppy to come to us. We really liked what Pryss had given us in her first litter (the Q-pups, including Deuce and Velvet) and had wanted to do another breeding with her.

Dulci is the culmination of that agreement – and we are thrilled with her.


She has settled in well to life at the Aeyrie and has lived up to Joyce’s description of her on the Talisman Hounds web site:
“Dulcimer is the first to do everything in her litter. First to open her eyes, first to wag her tail, first to make it out of the whelping pool, first to figure out stairs, first to lead the litter into adventure. Interested, active, fearless, sassy, and proud, she’s a tiny force to be reckoned with!”
Yes she is!! But being a tiny force takes a lot of energy and then time to refuel. She really excels at refueling too – she is an expert-level napper!

Dulci naps as Pasha and Victor look on

After her long day of travel filled with an overload of sights, sounds and smells then meeting and playing with her new family, we had one pooped pup. So then we got to rest for a bit ourselves!

G’nite everyone!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pasha is 2013′s Top Silken Windhound

Happy dance happy dance! It’s official – Pasha (ISWS CH UKC Grand CH Gryffyn’s Aeyrie Stop and Stare) is 2013′s #1 Silken Windhound in the UKC (United Kennel Club)!! I believe he is also within the Top Ten All-Breeds!! So proud of our beautiful, deserving boy!

#1 UKC Silken Windhound
One of Pasha’s BOB wins at the 2013 Gateway shows
It took some traveling for this accomplishment – in addition to the “local” shows in Texas, we had traveled to Kalamazoo, Michigan (UKC Premiere and SilkenFest), Grey Summit, Missouri, and Longmont, Colorado. Along the way had good company to visit, as well as getting to see some nice dogs from around the country. He also was awarded Best of Breed at the 2013 Top Ten Invitational competition at the UKC Premiere shows in June of this year.
Pasha was also breeder/owner handled all the way!

See Pasha’s page on the Gryffyn’s Aeyrie Silken Windhounds site.

Monday, January 6, 2014

It's Party Time!!

Our first show of the year in Texas is the Nolan River Kennel Club cluster held in the little town of Glen Rose, known for its dinosaur tracks. We have had some nice success here in the past, and it is a show site that we enjoy. There used to be lure coursing trials held in conjunction with the shows, which made for some long days – but those times are now gone. I fondly remember when we had Solo out as a special and he went from winning Best of Breed, over to the field to run prelims, then back to the building for Hound Group where he received a Group 4 and we had to rush to get his picture and then drive him back over to the field. The judge was astonished that the dog had shown in the group just after a gallop in the field instead of a stint on the grooming table, like some of these specials being treated more like Poodles than proper hounds. Of course, it helps that Solo possesses ring-ready coat at all times and only required a brush-out before strutting into the ring!

We had a great start to the year, with Beast winning his 3rd major from the Bred-by Exhibitor class, going Best of Winners on Saturday under judge Dana Cline.

Borzoi Beast is Best of Winners

On Sunday our judge was Charles “Chuck” Trotter. Beast again took Winners Dog/Best of Winners for his fourth major and completed his conformation championship!! His sister Me!Me! and housemate Nox fared better under Mr. Trotter than the previous day, taking 4th and 3rd in BBE respectively. Sadly, Boo was still invisible in the specials line-up.

Borzoi Beast finishes his championship

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

UKC Shows (Hutto) and Siren's Big Debut

Well this had to be the most exciting UKC weekend ever for us!

First, let me introduce one of the players. Some of you who attended the 2009 SilkenFest in MO may remember a little extreme white with tan sable spotted bitch that Victor was showing who absolutely refused to come off the cement area where the judge had examined her, and on to the grass so she could be put through her paces in the lovely grassed ring. The judge had finally excused her for her stubbornness. That little minx is named Siren – who inherited some of that classic bitch behavior from her mother Ginger. Siren was shown a bit more successfully – in that she actually at least got around the ring this time – at the 2010 SF. We also had our share of personality clashes with her at home – and for a while she was living up north. Upon her return, we just kept her around the house and didn’t bother trying to get her to “work for a living.” With Jules‘ and Velvet‘s fairly quick championship completions, I was trying to figure out who to bring out next. Siren had become much more affectionate of late, so in a moment of weakness, I entered her in this weekend’s shows, along with Bekka (a Space/Ember daughter) and then Deuce (looking for his last 2 Grand Ch legs) and Pasha.

So Saturday morning, Siren made her UKC debut. I fully expected some sort of Mexican standoff or ring tantrum, and although she was obviously a bit uncomfortable, she went on to take Winners Bitch from the 5 entered, and then on to Best of Winners. Well heck – I thought – we just might survive piloting her to a UKC championship if she keeps this up!

On to show Deuce in the Champion class, where his fine example of what an over-caffeinated Silken could look like (he was very, VERY “up”!) took Reserve, and then Ajax (ISWS Ch. UKC Grand Ch. Gryffyn’s Walkin’ in Memphis) taking the Grand class win over Pasha. Within that line-up imagine my very great surprise to have Siren handed the Best of Breed nod – but then a bit later came my incredulous response at her being awarded a GROUP 1!!!

Finally the call came for the BIS competition to get ready, so off we went to play in the ring. I had absolutely no aspirations other than trying to get through it without incidence, despite Siren’s earlier good behavior – she is a bitch after all – plus we had some local heavy hitters in the ring, including the Doberman, one of the top Australian Shepherds, and the German Shorthaired Pointer. I was completely overwhelmed to be handed the ribbon for BEST IN SHOW!! It felt completely unbelievable!

silken windhound Siren wins Best in Show

Siren managed to continue her good behavior, again earning WB/BOW and BOB at the afternoon show (and then a group 2). Deuce won the Champion class.

On Sunday, at the morning show Siren was again WB/BOW and finished her UKC championship. Deuce won the Champion class and finished his Grand Championship and then went on to BOB/Group 3. He was moved up for the afternoon show and went on to win the Grand Champion class.

All in all – an unbelievably successful weekend at the shows! I floated home!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pasha is Grand

Pasha (silken windhound) showing off in the yard
Pasha showing off in the yard

Today I opted to spend the morning taking Pasha, Shadow and Jules to the morning UKC show in Denton instead of to the LGRA racing "around the corner" in McKinney - Victor took care of that duty.

Pasha had been taking time off for an extended period following a ligament injury sustained in June. At first believed to be a possibly career-ending cruciate injury, after further testing and consultation with a vet not so eager to start cutting on him, it was discovered to involve the medial collateral ligament in his left hind leg, and not so much the cruciate. But it still required plenty of rest to heal, which we did along with performing prolotherapy treatments to his leg.

This would be Pasha's second weekend to come out since he was cleared to be able to return to "ring duty" the previous month. I had opted to enter him at this particular show and miss out on some racing because earlier in the year, the assigned judge had done well for him - so I had to try for that last required Grand Championship leg!


Jules gave him a run for his money, but Pasha did win his last Grand leg! Now I can concentrate on deciding on which silken windhound to bring out next year to compete for rankings in the UKC.