Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Thanks for Nothing, Monarch Dental

My husband made an appointment at Monarch Dental for a tooth extraction. I made an appointment with my doctor about 25 minutes later figuring we could save time by my being at the doctor for a needed checkup while he was being worked on.

Oh,no.... we can't have that. That would be too efficient. Absolutely not.

So while I was at the doctor consulting on my meds for chronic pain and depression, the drones at Monarch Dental were informing my
husband that they could not take him because he did not have a ride. But he DID have a ride. I was not abandoning him - I was trying to take care of my business while I thought they were taking care of his. But they require the presence of a hostage sitting in the waiting room twiddling their thumbs. They don't believe people can be adult enough to run an errand and come back. Oh no. We must hold them captive and completely unproductive.

So they moved people ahead of him and now here we sit, 2 and a half hours after his original appointment...waiting....because he took the day off work for this abuse (I mean, it's bad enough getting teeth pulled). And of course I have to sit here too, typing on my tablet instead of working trying to earn what little scratch I can. I am so pissed right now I can hardly breathe - all this wasted time because of some infantile policy that doesn't trust me to pick up my husband after oral surgery and forces me to sit twiddling and waiting, unproductive. So now I will have to work late, in addition to trying to bathe dogs and getting the van packed for my trip, presumably leaving tomorrow but now likely delayed so I can get a proper amount of sleep after having to work late. Everything is now delayed for hours.

Thanks for nothing Monarch Dental - you clueless f*cks.

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