Monday, August 31, 2009

Danu Has Left Us

We had planned on taking her in on Sunday when the clinic opened at 1 for our final goodbyes. She had not done well since a preliminary diagnosis of pancreatic exocrine neoplasia (exocrine tumors - extremely poor prognosis, especially for an 11.5 year old Borzoi). Bloodwork revealed increased pancreatic and kidney values, but a very normal WBC count. The ultrasound to verify was obscenely expensive ($600, including a $139 fee just for the "privilege" of walking through the specialist's front door) for the poorest of odds, so after her Wednesday appointment, we had brought her home to be comfortable until it was time.

I went to check on her and noticed her breathing was labored, and although her eyes were open, she seemed unaware. I went and sat next to her and talked to her and held her paw or kept my hand on her shoulder or behind her head. I guess I was there about 15 minutes, and then she went still.

She was a good girl, although most folks did not know her. She had a couple points towards her championship. While we were at the Reno national, she managed to somehow almost sever part of her tail which we had to amputate upon our return (she was at home while we were away) - so she had a bit less than half a tail. She was funny and happy and never seemed to have a bad day until earlier this week.

I will miss her little happy dance at the back door, and her impish nature, and her habit of planting her front feet down then looking up at the sky, and a jig and another look, and a little wag from her cropped tail.

IABCA Ch. Gryffyns The Last Enchantment
March 28, 1998 - August 30, 2009