Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In the Garden of Remembrance

I decided to play along and participate in an online photo contest that is being put on by a published of various web design and programming books (SitePoint). They recently released a book on digital photography (geared towards web usage) that I would like to get, and it is offered as a daily prize. So what the heck - may as well try the contest! The first assignment was to photograph either a grouping of office supplies or a fast food restaurant. I opted for the latter since I don't really have any office supplies lying about, except some dusty rubberbands and some hair-entwined paperclips. So I had to make myself leave the comfy confines of the house and ventured down to the generic part of town where all the fast food joints are.

On the way back, I decided to swing by the old cemetary since for ages I have told myself that I wanted to go and take some photos there since there are some interesting old monuments and statuary there. I barely scratched the surface and will return in the future - here are some of the photos from today's visit...

BTW, this is the Pecan Grove cemetary in McKinney, TX - one of the oldest cemetaries in North Texas, located on property granted by the Republic of Texas in 1845.