Monday, March 31, 2008

Disturbing Video on the Animal Rights (PeTA) Agenda

I've written before about the animal rights fanatics in this blog. The legislation these groups promote and sucker our lawmakers into creating and/or passing is a never-ending battle. There are several websites with folks much more able to put down their thoughts into a coherent mass for folks to ingest - and I will list them at the end of this post. Some may be repeats of those that I have in the sidebar to this blog.

The video link below will truly express why I never capitalize the "e" in PeTA. The reason - "ethical" is something that this group of fanatical terrorists is NOT.


There are disturbing images. Almost as disturbing as the quotes from the animal rights leaders.

I am still sobbing.

Here are URLs for more information...

Hug your pets tight.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ginger Babies - Week 4 Approaches!

Isn't he the cutest? Just give him a beer and a remote control like any other fella and he will be in absolute heaven!!

The pups will turn 4 weeks old this Saturday - they are a very promising lot and I can't wait for their 8-10 week evaluations as we determine who will stay here to carry on and the others prepare for their new homes. I took several candid pictures of them yesterday and got them edited and uploaded to their online photo album.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Promised Pix

Finally got several sets of pictures uploaded to our online gallery at the Gryffyn's Aeyrie web site!

Photos from our trip to NYC for Westminster, including more from our wild drag dining experience! [ LINK ]

Photos of Ginger's puppies born March 1 [ LINK ]

Photos from our Snow Day! [ LINK ]

There are several other updates to the web site - you can check out a listing HERE.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the New Kid

We had a special arrival this past Saturday - little Goth has come to Gryffyn's Aeyrie! Goth is a son of our overachiever and ring show-off Tyler out of Duncan's sister Cinder (Kristull Quite Black). The depth of quality in this litter at Talisman is stellar - I am so pleased with how this pairing turned out! I can't thank Joyce enough for wanting to use our boy - as I think the addition of Goth here will help bring great things to our future in Silkens!

I have been running behind on getting things done - I know I've promised pictures of several things - just haven't been able to get around to getting them edited and uploaded. But at least here's a peek at our silvery sweetheart!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring is in the Air

How quaint - a lovely day with highs in the 60s and a light wind, sunny, and hints of the oncoming spring throughout. So bizarre that just 10 days ago we awoke to a blanket of snow. The peach trees have burst into blossom, and the yard is beginning to shows signs of needing a grooming by the lawnmower. Soon the redbuds will begin to come alive and perhaps the daffodil will appear (and promptly disappear) in a short while.

Ginger's pups are 2 weeks old today. Their eyes are slitted with a promise of opening to the wide world. They have blossomed - feeling good in the hand every time we pick one up for a cuddle. They are quite mobile and I've already caught the dark male and the gold brindle spotted male trucking across the whelping box on all fours. One cannot help but feel content when watching them - they are remarkably soothing. Lined up across the "milk bar" for a meal - tails straight out in the air, quivering as they knead at the nozzle in rhythm. Once their tummies are full, they drop into that contented, full-bore sleep that puppies do, and that I envy. Their noses and paws tinged with a pink glow, an occasional twitch during their slumber.'s a lil' fella that's super-relaxed!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brrrrrrrrrrr - Snow in March (in Texas)?!

Not long after I returned home from work last night, it began to snow. With all the barometric wackiness going on, it's no wonder I had (and still have) a throbbing headache. The dogs were coming in from yard time cloaked in fluffy (wet) white - some were enthused with the novelty, some less so. This morning found the ground well covered with snowfall - rapidly melting, of course. The high today was in the 60s, the day before, in the 70s - with snow in between.

view at sunrise

I had snapped a few pictures in the evening during the storm, but the clearest ones are from this morning. I had a bit of time since our area was one of the hardest hit, and I was going to await the thawing and for the roads to clear, there being 12 accidents in a short stretch of road on the way to the university. I was not in the mood! The morning news was more traffic reports than news - even showing 3 areas of black ice on the highway.
Lars wants to know what it tastes like

Sassi's pups thought it was GRAND! Well - J/T and Shugah sure did. Munch seemed a bit less than thrilled after a while (hey! this is cold AND wet!).

I will post the rest of the photos up on our web site's online albums later this week.
J/T enjoys the morning snow

Unfortunately, I know what's beneath that seemingly pristine white blanket - a lot of wet mush that's going to get drug through the house for the rest of the week, and make it a real pain getting Lars and Buster ready to show in San Antonio this coming Saturday!

Good Day at Faith City

It didn't start off that great - next time I make entries for one of the puppies, I will bring them in for the next 2 weeks after making entry! Apparently Pumpkin got to play the part of "bunny" in a rousing game of chase and bruised her left shoulder. She was just off enough that I opted not to show her. A shame since she was doing really well on learning the finer points of being a show prospect. She did accompany us to the show (in Wichita Falls, TX) and I brought her in before and after showing so she could take in the atmosphere. She did very well and met some new friends!

Bugg was in fine form, albeit sullen at being asked to work. She humored me through the class, winning Open Bitch. She did show well and even did a nice stack at the end of her down-and-back and kept it up, coming away not only with Winners Bitch, but taking Best Opposite over 4 bitch specials for a 5-point major under breeder/judge Jan Leikam (Adrienne Borzoi)! This was her second 5-pointer, so we are quite pleased, needless to say! This puts her at 12 points and both majors - I will be entering her in the Fort Worth shows tomorrow, I guess.

As to who she took Best Opp to - Solo! So a very VERY nice outing for us - even though the group judge had failed to find him the day before in breed competition. There was a reason I hadn't entered class dogs the day before!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Video Games - Solo

Finally got a chance plug in the FlipVideo cam I got for the Westminster trip and fiddled around with some of the vids and easily made a mash-up of Solo's showing at Westminster. This has been such a super-cool gadget - glad I found it! No need to read a manual and deal with complicated editing programs and it produces a decent video, especially for the web!

Pups are Here!

We're still waiting to see if we have a straggler that's going to be late to the party - but it looks like we have 3 boys and a girl. The girl is a self orangey-gold brindle with a white spot over her nose. The boys are interesting, an extreme white with gold brindle; an extreme white with a few little dark spots on the head and one on the off-side flank; and a self black/tan with brindle (or possibly a dilute - can't really tell yet). About to take Ginger for a little walk to see if that moves anything along as it's been about 2 hours since the last arrival.