Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring is in the Air

How quaint - a lovely day with highs in the 60s and a light wind, sunny, and hints of the oncoming spring throughout. So bizarre that just 10 days ago we awoke to a blanket of snow. The peach trees have burst into blossom, and the yard is beginning to shows signs of needing a grooming by the lawnmower. Soon the redbuds will begin to come alive and perhaps the daffodil will appear (and promptly disappear) in a short while.

Ginger's pups are 2 weeks old today. Their eyes are slitted with a promise of opening to the wide world. They have blossomed - feeling good in the hand every time we pick one up for a cuddle. They are quite mobile and I've already caught the dark male and the gold brindle spotted male trucking across the whelping box on all fours. One cannot help but feel content when watching them - they are remarkably soothing. Lined up across the "milk bar" for a meal - tails straight out in the air, quivering as they knead at the nozzle in rhythm. Once their tummies are full, they drop into that contented, full-bore sleep that puppies do, and that I envy. Their noses and paws tinged with a pink glow, an occasional twitch during their slumber.'s a lil' fella that's super-relaxed!

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