Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brrrrrrrrrrr - Snow in March (in Texas)?!

Not long after I returned home from work last night, it began to snow. With all the barometric wackiness going on, it's no wonder I had (and still have) a throbbing headache. The dogs were coming in from yard time cloaked in fluffy (wet) white - some were enthused with the novelty, some less so. This morning found the ground well covered with snowfall - rapidly melting, of course. The high today was in the 60s, the day before, in the 70s - with snow in between.

view at sunrise

I had snapped a few pictures in the evening during the storm, but the clearest ones are from this morning. I had a bit of time since our area was one of the hardest hit, and I was going to await the thawing and for the roads to clear, there being 12 accidents in a short stretch of road on the way to the university. I was not in the mood! The morning news was more traffic reports than news - even showing 3 areas of black ice on the highway.
Lars wants to know what it tastes like

Sassi's pups thought it was GRAND! Well - J/T and Shugah sure did. Munch seemed a bit less than thrilled after a while (hey! this is cold AND wet!).

I will post the rest of the photos up on our web site's online albums later this week.
J/T enjoys the morning snow

Unfortunately, I know what's beneath that seemingly pristine white blanket - a lot of wet mush that's going to get drug through the house for the rest of the week, and make it a real pain getting Lars and Buster ready to show in San Antonio this coming Saturday!

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