Monday, February 16, 2009


Thank goodness I at least have somewhere to start after over 6 years of dealing with the chronic fatigue, which in the last year began to include chronic pain. Not to mention an increasing frequency and intensity of migraine headaches.

I went in to the doctor's office Monday a week ago and talked with a new fellow at the clinic. This guy had also helped me when I fell in the yard and twisted my knee and exacerbated the back issues. I liked him then, and I like him even more now!

He requested more blood testing, but chose some panels that had not been done before. He also was not dismissive when I asked for something on Vitamin D after Rebecca had suggested it to me.

He also gave me some sample meds to try for the migraines. Since I had been fighting one since 4 that morning, and it felt like it was trying to come on strong again around 6 that evening, I tried a Treximet. BAD IDEA! It felt like I had set my head on fire!! The back of my head and neck just started to throb with jabbing pain, and my lower jaw started to feel tight. Worst feeling EVER! I rolled up a heating pad and laid my head on it and waited for it to pass - it took almost an hour. I would have just preferred the migraine. When I spoke to the assistant at the clinic Friday about test results, I related my experience to her and he has now called in a scrip for Midrin. Here's hoping it helps on the next migraine event.

Thyroid results are not yet back, but some others are...

  • Of the two panels for Vitamin D - one came back low.

  • Elevated WBC (white blood cell) count - indicating infection somewhere

  • Also, some inflammatory markers indicating autoimmune disease issues came back elevated. I managed to make an appointment with a rheumatologist. The bad news is that the first appointment available for new patients is March 17 (I took it, of course). The good news - maybe I can get some definitive answers now - hallelujah!!

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Mare said...

Maybe CFIDS or Fibromyalgia? They have a lot of the same symptoms you've mentioned.

I hope you get a diagnosis soon so you can start on treatment. A pain specialist may be a good person to see, too.

Cheering you on,