Monday, February 23, 2009

Beta Hams It Up

Little Beta (Isaak/Serena), who lives with Martha in CT, was invited to a photo shoot for a dog products catalog. Martha sent some emails about the experience and has allowed me to post them here. I am so proud that he was such a good little ambassador for Silkens and for Gryffyn's Aeyrie. I get "Beta Stories" and photos regularly, so I get to experience vicariously his antics.

Below is a picture of Beta modeling one of Martha's biothane collar creations. Check out her website to see more of them!


He was so well-behaved and such a hit they ended up asking us to stay for the whole day and using him for three products instead of one. He got to spend the day lying on a luxurious dog bed in the main house, rather than crated like the ‘heathen’ dogs and he even joined us all for lunch. Once he realized what was expected of him was to just lay there (on a fluffy throw, or in front of an ornate dog gate), and get praised for looking at us when we told him to, he was totally into it. He was still posing when the cameras were put away, and we had to remove him from the overstuffed antique couch, where I guess he thought he was staying for the night—which by the way, would have been fine with the owner of the estate!

They got some really nice pictures—cute shots with ears up, as well as very elegant shots with the “Sighthound” gaze. They are going to send me a CD with all the pictures and I’ll post them to the photos section when I get it.

There was an AKC breed judge there who totally fell in love with him and was watching for us to arrive. When she found out a Silken Windhound was coming to the photo shoot, she looked up the breed standards and history and she was duly impressed with Beta.

We had to make a stop at a Borzoi breeder vet on the way to the shoot this am. He has wanted to see Beta since he arrived here in September. When we got there he was in surgery, but ungloved and ungowned to come out and stack Beta and go over him. He was duly impressed, as well.

It was a great day for the little Silken Windhound boy.

The last shot they did on the antique couch was of him lying on a big fur throw the color of a fox/rabbit. Long haired, very realistic. When I brought him into the room and he saw it, his ears went straight up and I thought, "Ut-oh, he's going to kill the product--the very expensive product," but when he felt how comfortable it was to lay on, he just stretched out and lounged.

He had to be carried back and forth through the house all day because of the high polish on the floors, and 'placed' into position so as not to disturb the set-up. Hope he doesn't expect that treatment at home!

I got a call from the photographer's assistant last night thanking me and telling me how much they liked him and what a cooperative model he was. Can't tell him, though, seems like the experience has already gone to his head--I caught him posing on the bed signing autographs for the Berners this am!! LOL!

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Conja said...

WOW! Way to go little Beta!!! Nothing better than a good first impression, I can see you did a very thorough job of the PR! But don't let it go to your head, next time they might want a photo shoot in...mud!
But I do congratulate you on this wonderful success, hope more will follow!
Conja and the Bon Zoi'z in Holland.