Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Borzoi Central Updates

Trying to catch up posting various proposed legislation information on the Borzoi Central Forums. There has been such a steady rise in laws that affect pet owners and in many instances removes our rights as property owners. Although most folks like myself do feel they're a special kind of property, but property nonetheless.

New items posted include Dover, DE; Ohio (SB 173); and Lawton, OK (Advertising Permit).

Also posted updates for CA's AB 1634 and District of Columbia.

Also posted several new events to the Events Calendar (mostly in the month of July).

New link for the Sighthound Mall Yahoo group posted in Hound Clothing and Market - Arts links pages.

New links on the Health page - canine autoimmune thyroiditis, vaccination protocol, feeding sighthounds,

New link added to the Jewelry page (a GORGEOUS brooch/pendant of a running Borzoi - the detail is exquisite!).

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