Monday, July 23, 2007

A Few Tidbits

Uploaded many many new pictures and some other updates to the Gryffyn's Aeyrie web site. A list of updates with direct links can be found here. Included in the new pictures is this fun picture of Missi, Isaak and Junior having a three-way tug-o-war.

As for this past weekend - our efforts in both Houston and Omaha were for naught. C'est la vie! At least the company and social events in Omaha were very enjoyable. Solo performed well for Jill in Houston...but I pretty much got what I expected from the judging panel (that would be....nothing) since the Reliant shows (and the majority of their judging panel) have just gotten to be nowhere near worth the effort to attend anymore. Although I certainly miss seeing some of the good people that attend as they live in the area.

I've received some fabulous updates from a few of our extended family members! Sharon wrote:

Just wanted to let you know that Layla passed her skills class to become a therapet. She has her temperment test to pass now. Not worried about that, though. Winni and Andy just passed thier CGC and now move on to thier skills class. They are doing so great! The instructors tell me that they will all be great therapets.

Layla and Andy are sired by Tyler. Their mother is Winni. Sharon's doing great work with them!

Pam, who has Tripp from our Bruce/Luna breeding sent me the following update:
The UKC club I belong to had shows last weekend and we threw together an impromptu puppy- match. We opened it to all breeds and had 13 entries. Mr. Tripp went Best Puppy in Show!!

I've been babysitting an italian greyhound for two weeks and Saturday night, Tripp apparently claimed him as his own. He walked up to him and lifted his leg on the poor iggy's head!

Apparently he's also quite the hunter and is a menace to wandering and inattentive birds. Could really use him for the grackles around here! Although Demi's been working on that for us! Sounds like he can be a little jealous of other puppies too - poor Iggy!

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