Monday, July 30, 2007

Potter Time

This weekend we got to be quaint and act like "normal" folks since we had no doggie events to attend (having missed entering the Longview shows before the limit was reached). Since the numbers are historically small we figured it was no great loss anyway.

Saturday I spent the day off. REALLY off. I had my nose in the most recent Harry Potter saga and am currently halfway through the tome. Even though I've already taken in the summary posted at Wikipedia - I just couldn't wait since Amazon fell down on the job getting the book to me close to its release date.

On Sunday, we opted to take in a movie for once! We were certainly overdue for one - and our natural choice was moviedom's latest Harry Potter saga. We even went overboard by heading to the Studio Movie Grill so that we could eat way too much food and take in some cocktails as well - it you can call a 20 oz. mixer titled "Miami Viced Tea" as well as a huge goblet containing a frozen Mudslide "cocktails". And they don't skimp on the liquor either! The movie was MARVELOUS although a bit too condensed - they really could have added another hour to it without it becoming excruciating - there's a lot to tell in this installment. I guess I can understand why many Potter-people are disappointed with this one - the story gets darker as it moves along in each book - so surely they would realize the movies will too! I think some people are expecting the shiny, happy wonderment of the first book/movie to continue throughout the entire series. I also think they just can't believe that the young stars of this story are growing up...especially the lead, Daniel Radcliffe who has branched out into more serious projects during his breaks from Potter-work.

Amidst all this, we did manage to get some updated pictures of some of the crew here, which I hope to post soon on the site. New pix include Fawn (formerly known as Pockets) spent several days with us while her 'mom' Susan travelled - so we got some nice shots of her; Zander, who will be heading to BC, Canada soon, and is now in the midst of a coat change and has oodles more black tipping; and Peepers, who is quite the elegant little black whirlwind, who still does not appreciate the ability to stand still and stacked! Much too serious work for her!

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