Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Beware This Dog - the HSUS

Yes - I said beware of the HSUS. Beware of their fundraising tactics. HSUS is becoming more and more anti-breeder....even anti-pet-owner....as they become more and more like PeTA. I have even seen them referred to as "PeTA in a suit". They have a cleaner, slicker image than PeTA - but they are just as dangerous to dog breeders and pet owners - they are leaning more towards an animal rights agenda, as opposed to animal *welfare*.

Their latest cash cow - the Michael Vick indictment for conspiracy and accusations of dog fighting, and the seizure of his dogs, allegedly used in a dog fighting ring. I say "allegedly" since one is supposed to be considered innocent before proven guilty. I certainly suspect him of it personally - he's not exactly an innocent character based on past actions - and I've seen his kennel web site. HSUS is using this latest media blitz to line their coffers. They say it will be used to help in their campaign against animal fighting. That's what they SAY. Yah.....riiiiiiiight.

In their original plea for donations - they implied that they were directly involved in caring for Vick's dogs that were seized and needed money for that "care". The web site page has since changed, although one was found in the Google cache and a screenshot is available here. They have since been reported to the FBI for fraudulent solicitation.

When Katrina devastated the southern gulf coast, HSUS moved in and bullied private rescue groups who were present and working to assist pets and their owners who had been affected by the floods and other damage from the storms. They flooded the internet with requests for donations to "help these hurricane victims". They raked in millions. There has been no accounting for the almost $20 million that was raised for the Katrina pets by the HSUS in that fundraising scheme. The HSUS is currently under investigation by the Louisiana Attorney General for their handling of that situation and misuse of collected funds.

HSUS doesn't even operate a shelter! They DO have corporate offices in D.C. where they happily process their donations (obtained through false pretenses, it would seem) and work with lobbyists to get legislation passed that would eliminate dog breeding...one of the first steps in eliminating the ownership of animals as pets. PeTA at least has a shelter - although according to published stats they kill 83% of the animals their shelter takes in. Although keep in mind that apparently not all of the animals they pick up even make it to their shelter! Some are killed in the back of their van and dumped in the trash bins of local businesses! Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Don't Litter", which of course is used by animal rights organizations to discourage breeding of animals!

If you are still contemplating writing that check in response to a fundraising plea from the HSUS, take into account the following quotes from Wayne Pacelle, president of HSUS:

"I don't have a hands-on fondness for animals...To this day I don't feel bonded to any non-human animal. I like them and I pet them and I'm kind to them, but there's no special bond between me and other animals." quoted in Bloodties: Nature, Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 251.

"We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding." quoted in Animal People, May, 1993.

When asked if he envisioned a future without pets: "If I had my personal view, perhaps that might take hold. In fact, I don't want to see another dog or cat born." Wayne Pacelle quoted in Bloodties: Nature, Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 266.

I know I am putting my pen and checkbook away!


Dena said...

Thanks for your research and postings to help the rest of us busy dog fanciers keep up to date on the deceptive types out there!

Lagniappe 1 said...

This report is straight on. I personally experienced the Katrina pet rescue (I live in Baton Rouge) and the HSUS was the epitome of bureaucracy to the detriment of those doing the real work (e.g., changing cat litter, walking dogs). They are busy taking credit for things that were handled exclusively by local volunteers.

The HSUS could use some of that money to advertise to people that taking their pets with them in an emergency is a priority. It's always in the fine print of what to do if a hurricane is coming again - should be the first thing on the list. Afterall, you wouldn't leave your garbage cans out to blow away - why would you just tie your dog in your yard.

Cashlin said...

Thanks for writing this.