Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Few Web Updates

This morning while walking down the driveway to try to spot a fat cottontail that Victor had seen when he went out to feed the horses, I came upon a sparkling, dewey spiderweb. Feeling the moment, I went and retrieved my Rebel from the kitchen counter where I had left it after taking new pictures of the "Boogie Babies" that remain here. I then promptly learned that it is a pain to attempt to take a picture of an arachnid's homey creation because the camera will not focus on its delicate filaments - but instead (in this case) the crape myrtle behind it. After a few failed attempts, I resorted to placing my hand in front of it and swiftly removing it as I snapped the shot - hoping autofocus wouldn't adjust again. I managed a few neat-o shots. I do have an album of non-dog-related shots on the Gryffyn's Aeyrie website that you can view here.

We also managed to update pictures of some of the dogs on our web site. Fawn (formerly known as "Pockets") was at the house visiting for a few days, so we took some nice new pictures. Also updated ones for Peepers, Zander as well as shots sent to us of Axl and Tripp. There is a list of updates with direct links here.

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