Monday, February 25, 2008

Puppy Potential - Racing Practice and New Stack Shots

We managed to take puppies to GIT's LGRA meet to get some practice in this past weekend. The "Boogie Babies" (Solo/Monkee) Wulf, Buster and Faina attended, along with Pumpkin (Solo/Duri) on Saturday, and on Sunday Pumpkin and her littermates Nox and Azchyl came along. We also brought yearling Peepers along both days to see if she agreed more with straight-racing, since she seemed completely offended by turns at coursing practices previously.

Nox has a successful practice

I brought along my little digital camera that I had purchased for the trip to NYC - since it was too burdensome to attempt to bring the SLR and tote it around, I had wanted something I could stuff in my big ol' purse. It's turned out to be a pretty handy gadget - so I brought it along to take some pictures of the pups practicing and to attempt some new stacks. I also tried my hand at some "artsy" photos with Wulf and Buster and got some really pretty results.


All the "Boogie Babies" had promising practices - I sure hope they keep it up! Peepers had a really nice practice on Saturday and so-so on Sunday, although she became more determined after she stopped for a tinkle. Of the Spells pups, Nox showed the most promise - then Azchyl and then Pumpkin. But Pumpkin definitely showed more interest than our last session with the lure toy at home - so hooray!!


We also got some nice stacks and head shots of everyone that came to practice. I hope to have them edited and online in their albums in the next few days. All in all - a fairly productive weekend!

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