Thursday, February 7, 2008

Heathens, Photo Ops and Web Update

Wandered about the yard attempting to take candids of pups gone wild. Sassi's and Duri's pups that remain here were introduced to each other and after teaching Azchyl that little Munch was not, errrr, munchable - they played amiably for a few hours, part of which had me roaming about with them trying to snag some good photos. I did manage a little group shot of Sassi's crew together...

Left to right is J/T, Shugah and Munch.

Managed several stacked candids and some on the move. Nox was determined to plant her hiney on the ground at all times, especially when the camera lens was pointed in her direction, so when Victor returned home he got recruited to stack her for a decent shot. It seems like we've never had a proper stacked picture of her - she is maturing so nicely, along with her sisters Azchyl and Pumpkin.

All the new pictures are now posted online at the Gryffyn's Aeyrie web site!

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