Monday, February 25, 2008

February Straights with GIT

Solo, Demi and newcomer Sugar

GIT hosted their first LGRA meet of the year in McKinney, TX so we hauled a few over to Myers Park for the event. Our visitor, Beaudreaux, seems to have screwed his head back on (after some frustrating coursing outings where he was clearly not thinking about the job at hand) and put in some good races both days, winning the meet on Saturday and coming in second on Sunday. Demi was doing well on Saturday then tossed it all in the 3rd program and also didn't put forth her best efforts on Sunday, developing a severe case of the looky-loo's in the second program (although never veering from her path - she was just overly curious about who may be running near her). I think she's getting ready to come into season - a shame she did not take advantage of the hormonal speed rush [sigh]. We ended up bringing Solo to play on Sunday and he managed to earn another GRC point. He's getting harder and harder to get off the lure at the end - he has figured out how to grasp it in between his front feet and just curl his legs around it. It's somewhat amusing to see his tongue hanging out of the muzzle trying to get an extra hold on what he considers his toy. Someday I need to get someone to take a picture of the wrestling match to get him away from the squawker lure.

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