Thursday, February 28, 2008

Humor in Advertising

While dealing with lower back issues, I've worked from home the last 2 days, and true to my multi-tasking (read...ADD) self, I've had the TV on while proofing the undergraduate catalog. Amazingly I am less distracted here at the house than at the office. Don't ask me why - that's just how it is. I actually feel I get more done with less fidgeting while working from home.

Anywho...during the course of the day I saw a commercial that tickled my funnybone. It was for the Clear Blue Easy digital pregnancy test. Its tagline - "Without a doubt, it is the most sophisticated piece of technology you will ever pee on." Hysterical. That's great marketing, in my opinion! It can poke fun at itself and leave an imprint on one's that if the need arises and the occasion warrants...that product would be easily remembered.

I enjoy folks that can poke fun at themselves. I'm not a particular fan of Timberlake - but did gain an appreciation of him when he hosted SNL and performed the unforgettable (and Emmy winning) " 'Junk' in a Box" song which poked fun at pop princes and their cheesy "hop in bed" ballads that were so predominant (and clogged MTV) in the 90s.

Back to the original is kind of ironic at all the research and technology that goes into developing a product such as the CBE test - only to have it used once by being peed on and ultimately tossed. It does seem a bit silly in the end.

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