Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Bite of the Big Apple

The last week and a half has been so INSANE! Traveling here, there and seemingly everywhere. Flew into NYC on the 10th with Jill, Victor having left the previous Friday afternoon with Solo happily atop the big 4X4 floor pillow in the back of the Astro. Jill and I arrived at the Pennsylvania and was immediately hit with the visual chaos of its lobby as a multitude of folks were standing in line awaiting check-in, most with dogs in tow. Not a fan of crowds, my first thought was "I hate it already"!

Victor called to let us know he had pulled up in front of the Penn just as we were next in line to check in. How's that for timing?! Jill went to snag Solo so the van could be unloaded and I checked us into the hotel. We took everything up to our microscopic-sized room (although the closet was large enough to hold Solo's crate for when we were absent from the room) and then worked on the rest of the evening's schedule.

First up was a walk (make that...trek) to Times Square to the M&Ms store. My lord - what a confectionary overload! Every imaginable item with the M&M's logo or characters on it! And there was the "wall o' candy" that practically gave me a sugar high (or diabetes) just looking at it. All the colors of the rainbow and more of candy-coated choco-mania.

We managed not to freeze to death on the walk back to the hotel. Along the way I took a few pictures of the theaters signs for plays that I would have loved to have seen while there - Spam-A-Lot and Young Frankenstein (who'd a thunk it). The Young Frankenstein facade included a wonderful dancing monster next to the sign. I will be uploading more pictures into the online photo albums sometime soon. After a bit of rest back at the room while Jill helped ready an Aussie for the next day's showing, we met David down in the lobby and hailed a cab to Lips for a "drag dining" experience! I had heard about the drag show and restaurant from previous tales of Westminster trips, so had wanted to experience it for myself. OMG - did I ever have fun! The food was fabulous and our waitress was the best - Frankie Cocktail, whose drink concoction was absolutely yummy (included Southern Comfort, Peach Schnapps, Vodka, and other stuff I cannot remember, considering I had 5 of them - whoops!). I brought along the camera and the new little Flip Video gadget I got before the trip, and really broke them in!

To top it off - either Jill or David told them that it was Victor's birthday (actually a week before) so he got pulled up out of his chair for a little fun later in the show. Needless to say - I have a picture ! Below is a pic of us with Frankie - hopefully I will get to go again! You can check out the Lips website at

We managed to get back to the hotel before midnight and drop into bed. We had a 6:30 am appointment to bathe Solo to prep for the big show and then haul our happy selves over to the Garden.

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