Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cook'in!!! (Idol Musings)


OK....I'll admit it....I watched American Idol from the very first episode this season. I've tuned in in the past somewhat regularly - and usually one of my faves is dropped around the top 5-6. The series seemed doomed to be a wussy-pop/soul/country promotion without chance of getting out some good ol' power singers since Clarkson's inaugural win - although some good singers have certainly come from it (Daughtry, Bice, Constantine)...just not top honors. I thought I was headed for another bummer year when Aussie Michael and Carly were dropped. But fave #3 (and top choice for me) proved the charm!!

I figured it should be a no-contest between the David duelists - but worried about the tween and granny factor voting for Archuletta! Granted....he's certainly talented - but he's also been something of a one trick pony. He's got 1 style...elevator easy listening muzak. Cook has been showing his originality and instrument talent, not to mention the fabulous pipes! His rendition of Billie Jean earlier this season just knocked it out! I eagerly await his first album - I am so glad they got it right this year! Rock on!!

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