Friday, May 9, 2008

If It Weren't For Bad Luck...

...I'd have absolutely friggin' NONE at all.

Last night I fell in the yard while bringing in Faina (Solo/Monkee "bozo" pup) to prep for the local show this weekend. I fell pretty darned hard, and landed a bit twisted on one knee. Got back in and went about the rest of my day/night.

Well....this morning I couldn't even lift my leg to roll over without feeling like something sharp was being stuck in my knee. Managed to get an appointment to see the doctor at lunchtime - and the verdict isn't very promising.

I refused an MRI scan today - the wallet began crying, so I let it have its way for now. The doc thinks I have either badly sprained/irritated the medial collateral ligament in my knee...or torn or displaced it. For now we are treating as a sprain with an anti-inflammatory (Celebrex), a steroid (that tastes nasty - I had that when my back originally failed 7 years ago) and pain killers (hooray for Vicodin).

The offending part is trussed up in a brace and currently elevated with an ice pack on top of it. If it isn't better in 4-5 days, then I have to ignore the wails of my budget and go in for the MRI so we can get further diagnoses. ability to show at Silkenfest may be sorely compromised :( Victor can't attend as we can't get a petsitter!

Who wants to show some Silkens? I am especially dying to make sure Tyler gets shown in the Specials class!





To console myself, while at the CVS pharmacy picking up my 'scrips...I was looking for some comfort food. So I hit the candy aisle. I found, quite possibly, the most bizarre junk snack idea ever. It looked like a cheeseburger - but it was made entirely of marshmallow. It is "Peeps" taken to a new level of bizarro. It was a pretty good rendition of a burger too - even had little "sesame seed" imposters on it. I bought it. I bought the "fries" too - which came with some sort of strawberry goo disguised as ketchup. I kid you not - this actually exists! I took pictures of them!

And then I ate the "burger". After I took my pain meds.

Look for pictures of the funky junk snacks soon - I just couldn't help myself!

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