Thursday, May 8, 2008

Beautiful Spring Weekend

Munch and J/T fuss at sister Shugah

Last weekend was absolutely what I needed! Mild temperatures with a bit of wind - blue BLUE skies and signs of spring everywhere, with blooms of color appearing everywhere, and the grass a vibrant green. Kept the back door open throughout the morning to try and coax some of the fresh air into the house.

Victor had left for Boswell, OK (and WindyGlen) to attend the ASFA lure trials there and attempt some practice with Peepers, Wulf and Buster. For myself, I attempted to catch up on some work and some housecleaning (yuk!) and a bit later in the day, get some new pictures of some of our crew....namely, the youngsters. Ginger's pups were also introduced to the wide, wide world (of our backyard) and spent a few hours sunning in a large ex-pen setup.
the 3 J-Litter brothers

I did manage to get gobs of photos of Missi, Tyler (about time I got some nice ones of him!), Gabe, Shugah and Goth. Also got a few of the other kids as well. I will be posting direct links to those on the Updates page at the Gryffyn's Aeyrie site.

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