Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Late Weekend Update

Two more pups left the nest this past weekend - "Scooter", now known as "Griffie" from Duncan/Josi's litter left for WI with his new family, the Olsens. They are soft sculpture artists and showed me some pictures of lovely Borzoi creations! So lifelike! And they used Borzoi hair brushings to complete the detail - it was beautiful.

"Beast" (Isaak/Serena) is now known as "Ajax" and left with the Lynn and Doyle Wall Saturday evening. He will be co-owned with Mary, who has VooDoo from us (and we have Peepers from her!) and is currently keeping Kandi's daughter Blondie company down in Cypress, TX.

"Mo" is still hanging out here with our definite keepers, Shadow and Fanci (Isaak/Serena) and Sunni and Lola (Duncan/Josi). There's just something about him that makes me not want to let go of him just yet! Smudge is also still here as I await hearing from who I thought was going to be adopting her.

As to out other activities - Gazehounds in Texas (GIT) had their first race meet of the season (LGRA) just down the road in McKinney! We took some youngsters to practice and then Sunday worked with Peepers and Nox on box training, and entered them in the Sunday meet. I was pleasantly surprised that Nox wouldn't back off when things got tight, and she had some nice push throughs when things got tight. I guess her stubborn streak may pay off! Peepers is fearful of strange dogs, so we had a nice crowd for her to work her issues out with since the other two dogs that were running don't give off aggressive vibes, and one of them makes Solo look very serious as he is yet another friendly goober. In the third program she did get the courage to pass him and come in third (behind the meet winner and Nox).

We also had some promising practices with Pumpkin and Shugah, although Azchyl, who had seemed so promising back in the spring, was not very excited in anything at all. Hopefully, it was just a result of the pushing-90 degree temps.

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