Friday, September 26, 2008

New PeTA Stats has posted the information regarding PeTA's "shelter" statistics for the year 2007. Good news is - their death rate decreased from the prior year. The BAD news - 90.1% of their intakes were euthanized (you know, KILLED). Actual numbers...1,815 out of 1,997.

Considering that PeTA's grifting methods brought in over $30 million during 2007 - you would think they would have been able to save a majority of the animals brought to their "shelter". noted that neighboring shelter Virginia Beach SPCA was able to adopt out (nee, SAVE) almost 70% of its animals...and did so with a much, MUCH smaller budget than the ne'er-do-wells at PeTA.

Check out the full report posted at

And if you're wondering why I use the lower-case "e" in PeTA? Well...the "e" is supposed to stand for "ethical"...and ethics is one thing that PeTA does NOT have.

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