Monday, September 22, 2008

Catching Up

The past week has been something of a whirlwind. On the way back from the CO roadtrip for Duri's tryst with Achilles, my back called it quits. BIG time. Each successive gas or potty stop it became progressively harder for me to get out of the car, much less walk. Thank goodness Duri was kindly very well behaved and never tried to bolt from the backseat - she just calmly watched me struggle and didn't offer any trouble. During my ultra-brief stay in CO we did manage two breedings - so here's hoping for some lovely pups to arrive in mid-November.

Much of last week was spent in a daze thanks to muscle relaxants and pain killers and I finally got back to more normal functioning on Thursday, although sitting in a chair was not enjoyable at all (I had worked from home Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday, then took a day off after my doctor's appointment Wednesday morning). I managed to get caught up with various web projects Sunday and most of my ISWS Registrar duties, and we did get some cute candids of the K- and L-Band litters, who spent both days outside. Also got some new stacked pictures.

"Beta" (the irish-marked black boy) and "Anti-Mo" (our name for the little boy that almost looks like "mo") leave for their new homes this week with 515am drop-offs at the airport (separate days) - so I know I'll be early to work 2 days! Scooter (aka "Duncan Jr.") also has a new home that we're working on travel arrangements for. So the wee beasties are gradually leaving the nest! Perri (Harper/Ginger) hitched a ride with Jill to the Atlanta shows where his new family picked him up - causing Borzoi fanciers, and an Iggy fancier, to turn their heads with admiration!

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