Thursday, September 11, 2008

CO Here We Come [Again]!

Duri came into season last weekend. It would have been nice for her to do that just prior to our trip to Longmont, CO for the specialty the other weekend so I wouldn't have to jaunt my not-so-jolly and tired self back up there so soon...but we'll make do. Last night she started getting vocal...I do believe that she's in standing heat today, so hopefully a Saturday afternoon arrival will bear fruit. Her mother had long, receptive heats (5-7 days). Duri's first breeding experience, she was too busy fussing about "oh! you want to be on top!" so I'm sure how long her fertile portion of her heat actually lasted.

I plan on getting some nice pictures of the sire this weekend as well, and then will update my Puppies page at the Gryffyn's Aeyrie site with all the info. I am pretty excited about this breeding too. Duri will be 8 years old this coming December and she gave me several very promising pups in her breeding to Solo.

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