Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lotsa Nerve (HSUS Holds Out Its Hand, Again)

A fundraising plea from HSUS' "Whining Wayne (Pacelle)" was recently shared on a pet laws list I am a member of. Here is a portion of the text:

I just got this message from Jennifer Fearing, the YES! on Prop 2 campaign manager, who’s working around the clock to get Proposition 2 passed. And, to be perfectly honest, we’re facing a severe shortage of funds to keep our TV ads on the air next week.

Read her message to me below and then please, give whatever you can to help us finish this fight.


It's a darn shame that "truth in advertising" apparently doesn't hold true for fundraising by these types of organizations. HSUS has over $100 million in its coffers and they're saying they can't afford some TV time??

If you believe that...I have a lovely beachfront home available for sale in Kansas!

Want to get more informed about HSUS and other animal rights terrorist orgs, check out the newly updated "Seven Things You Didn't Know" at the CCF web site and the information on HSUS at the ActivistCash web site.

Dont' let yourself get swindled!

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