Thursday, August 14, 2008

So What's the Difference??

A disturbing article made the rounds on some of my chat lists yesterday which brought tears to my eye. I cannot imagine myself shooting dogs that I do not want to provide minor medical care for. Even though dogs are, for all practical and legal purposes, considered property - I do not find such actions to be ethical. This case, involving Amish commercial breeders, I find tragic.

So much of the recent punitive and overbearing legislation trying to outlaw dog/pet breeding and the keeping of sexually intact animals is the result of attempting to "legislate ethics". As a result...ethical breeders are the ones being harmed the most...not commercial breeders...not irresponsible dog owners. So various animal rights groups are able to get these types of laws passed through local and state government - and they keep knocking on the federal government's door as well!

But animal rights groups aren't really about helping animals - they are about harming the human animal. They hate people, and they don't particularly care for animals either. Witness PeTA's euthanization rate - 97% for 2007. Whose employees/followers dumped the bodies of freshly killed pets, who they had promised the people they took them from that they would find homes for them and almost immediately put the final needle into them once they were in their killing van. They didn't care about those animals - they treated them like garbage.

Now...most folks would comment on the commercial breeders' actions mentioned above with something like..."well, what can you expect from puppy millers after all." is another example of a mass slaughter performed by a "humane" shelter that was too lazy to take care of a health issue at their facility, as reported by No-Kill advocate and "Redemption" author, Nathan Winograd - check out this story. Oh...and by the way...this is a "HSUS Partner Shelter" - and they killed over twice as many pets as the Zimmermans in one day. Different method, but the same result.

They are no better in my eyes.

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