Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This past Saturday we were blessed with a milder day than we've had in a while with a wee bit of cloud cover. It was almost comfortable outside before noon!

Serena and Josi's pups were introduced to the world outdoors...and each other - we weaned Serena's crew, so they will now live together for a while. They also got to meet Ginger's pups, Goth and QiQi as we let them out of the puppy pen to take advantage of exercise in the full yard.

We took new shots of Darkun, Pryss and Perry (Harper/Ginger) - they're in that leggy, uneven stage, but they still look pretty decent. Darkun's coloring has become richer and more vibrant - it will be interesting to see where he finally ends up.

The Duncan/Josi crew turned 6 weeks old the previous Thursday (14th) - they didn't crouch as much this time around for their photo session. Yay!

my fave girl - Smudge

This was the first stacked session for Serena's kids and they behaved pretty nicely! The worst, of course, was the smallest - she sure packs a lot of attitude into her little body. Some of them are getting call names...one being the tiny girl who is now called "Bitsy"...as any time we picked her up we would coo "look at the itsy bitsy puppy" . The blueish spotted girl has been dubbed "Smudge" because of the muddy markings around her upper lip, and the lighter sabled self brindle boy has now been named "Mo", because the coloring and markings on his face is like a mosaic. One of the boys also has been christened with his formal name...from a Led Zeppelin song...it was only natural that he be named Gryffyn's Aeyrie Black Dog .

Links to the updated pages are at http://www.gryffynsaeyrie.com/updates.htm

There's also a new shot of Goth - also in a leggy stage, but definitely in
need of a new picture.

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