Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Series Discovery

New to me at least...I've been out of the loop a bit when it comes to various book releases considering I used to work at a bookstore (ages ago). While shopping at Costco picking up a heavy load of kibble for the crew, I made the mistake of wandering by the books area. This does not a "quick errand" make! I am a horribly addicted bibliophile, and with 2 piles of books at least 2 feet high on my nightstand, I should really plow through those before snagging new material...but who has the time?! Having ADD does NOT help in this regard either - as I usually have 3-5 pieces of reading I try to get through - but every once in a while, I have one that takes precedence above all other reading choices...and New Moon was one of those! I couldn't dream of picking up anything else until I finished it! It's a "creature feature" - vampires and werewolves walk among the relatively "normal" people. It's classified as a "young adult" fiction choice - but it's not written in a "see Dick run" style at all. It was an enjoyable read for sure!

Of course...the bad news for me? This was Book 2 in a series - the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. So now I've got to get the first book, as well as books 3 and 4.

Need to get the first book, Twilight , fast. It is coming soon to the theaters! The young actor who played Cedric in the Harry Potter films is cast as the lead.

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