Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hell Week??

"Hell" meaning way too busy for our own good, not bad news. Goodness there's just too much on our plates for the moment! Mostly because we are getting ready for 2 specialties that we will be tackling Labor Day weekend that are in opposite directions (Borzoi in CO and Silkens in GA) - and trying to prepare for them is a daunting task!

I had to go and pick up Solo who returned from shows in Topeka and Kansas City (with 5 BOB wins under his paw) that he attended with David. During that same errand I dropped off a newly bathed and groomed and a bit overwhelmed Wulf who will head to the Monroe, LA show cluster with Jill. Looks like little Wulf will be attending the Atlanta shows with papa Solo as well, and then a trip to NY.

We have LOTS of dogs to groom and earlier this week I tackled the task of brushing out what's left of J/T's coat (yay for puppy coat blow...NOT!) and then had to attempt to carve out Sassi's coat. Goodness, it's amazing what can happen in a year off! Even though she's in a state of blown coat (her topline is all shed out) she is still a very hairy beast. I managed to get her ears trimmed up along with those darned furry feet of hers and her tuck up. She's still hairier than several of the boys here and she's already rolling out her new hair. Looks like her kids here (J/T and Shugah) will also be the type to recover from coat blows quickly. Here's hoping!

Last weekend we worked on leash-breaking Ginger's hellion children - Perry took to it the best, with Pryss less so, and Darkun disagreeing mightily. In the end we managed to be able to get them to trot by our side. Hopefully they will keep this knowledge through the Silken specialty (where Perry will meet his new family and half-sister GoGo). Also getting another session on the lead was J/T who had a downright fit the first time around. He's much better and I hope he does not embarrass me outright with a public tantrum in CO.

Tonight we give the first round of vaccines to Josi and Serena's crew and begin Silken bathing. Victor is taking 8 with him to show at the GA specialty - Tyler, Gabe, Goth, Darkun, Luna, Trouble, Pryss and Kandi. Perry is also going and I think Susan may show him as well. Traveling with him will be our friend Vickie with her girl Sylvi (Bruce/Luna)...and Bitsy may be going to her new home as well!

Tomorrow night I will brush out and trim up Sassi's hairy half-brother Deckard and maybe bathe him. He poofs up after a bath and blow-dry so maybe by the time of the specialty his hair will have relaxed. Faina and Solo are still in good shape trim-wise after Fai's trip to Canada and Solo's midwest sojourn (since I tend to trim much less than David and Jill!) So that leaves the three young heathens in the girlie yard - Shugah, Nox and Pumpkin (2 of which hang out in the wading pool).

Add to all the doggie-duties - the vans have to be loaded for bear as well!

Victor leaves Friday morning, and I figure I'm leaving either Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Goodness, after all this work I hope we have some sort of success at these events ! At least we'll have fun!

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