Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The "OZZlings" - 10 weeks

10 week stacked pictures are posted on the litter's page at

There are also some candids taken this past Saturday of the little heathens running about and chasing a lure toy. I do mean heathens! I gave them a nice new stuffy Saturday morning, and within 15 minutes (if not less) it was completely destroyed. Fluffy bits everywhere! Annihilation!

Candid pictures start at http://www.gryffynsaeyrie.com/gallery/achilles-duri?page=8 in the online photo album.

I've also received several new pictures from owners that I am working on editing and uploading, and J/T's win picture for his first points/major is also now online at http://www.gryffynsaeyrie.com/gallery/jt/jt_nolanriver2009

The updates will be listed with direct links at http://www.gryffynsaeyrie.com/updates.htm

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