Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Most Excellent Quote

Perhaps you have heard of the recent EPA debacle, likely spurred from some sort of anti-animal-usage fanatic...a tax on the methane generated by livestock - blaming it for global warming, with some scientists claiming it's worse than the carbon dioxide generated from autos and factories. The "cow tax"...aka "fart tax."

Some estimates place a cost of $175 per animal for a "methane permit." The domino effect of this would be obscene prices for beef products - which likely will generate a roar of approval from the likes of PeTA and HSUS. Talk about a lot of hot air!

A Saginaw rancher, Pete Bonds, gave the following statement which sums it up in a most perfect manner:

"If you've ever been in a room full of vegetarians, a lot of methane is being produced," he said. "I'm wondering if they're going to start putting a permitting process on them."

Good on ya Pete!


Tracy H. said...

I'm guessing Pete has never actually been in a room full of vegetarians.

10 billion land animals are killed in this country alone each year for their flesh. 10 billion! That's a lot of excrement that is contributing to climate change and also to water pollution.

RLynn said...

And a mighty tasty 10 billion they were! I think the biggest producer of excrement in this country is PeTA and its ilk. Hmmmmm...maybe I should stop by KFC on the way home to pick up dinner...

Anonymous said...

By the way Tracy, Hitler was a vegetarian. dont believe it, look it up.