Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kalipso - Hard Knocks

Kal, in his prime on the field

A couple Sundays ago, while running and rough-housing in the backyard, Kalipso (BIF DC Rising Star Kalipso, FCh SC) apparently got run into the fence. I say "apparently" since it was not witnessed - but there were 2 scrapes in the middle of his face that
could have been caused from him hitting the woven wire horse fencing, and he was found lying about 10 feet from the mid-yard fence.

He could not stand up, and no response to pinching on his rear feet and his front legs were stiff. The only thing moving was his head and neck, as he looked around in wonderment.

At the ER they were able to get a deep pain response in all 4 feet and his front legs had lessened their stiffness. The vet also checked reflexes and he displayed a response in all 4 legs - and they were able to get him sitting up, and he tried to stand albeit standing lasted about half a second.

They started Kal on big doses of steroids and planned to keep him overnight. By that afternoon, he would stand without assistance but still needed some assistance getting about, and his feet would knuckle over on occasion.

Monday morning was a consult with a neurologist. He thought that there was no trauma to the vertebrae and that Kal had suffered a spinal shock due to some sort of trauma. The prognosis is optimistic, but he's not out of the woods.

Within a couple days Kal was walking without needing sling support either front or rear - although he was very wobbly. When done with his business in the yard he would head straight for the door and sometimes it could be hard to keep up with him! Thankfully he has maintained his sunny attitude the entire time - I've always loved his personality and temperament.

visiting after working the runway

Ages ago Gekko, a Chinese Crested, blew two disks while in her crate (invertebral disk disease). We came home from lure coursing, and when we took her out to potty, her rear end just fell over. That one required surgery to put her back together - she's still going strong too.

Kal seems to be continuing to progress in baby steps - although he still looks like a drunken Borzoi when stepping out to do his business in the yard (on lead, of course). He will lift his leg to pee and it seems as though he is able to keep it raised for longer periods each time. He also has begun doing the "tough man" routine after a pee or poop, scratching his feet on the ground while looking at the young boys in the middle yard. He has gone through all the steroids prescribed and will get a check-up next week so the vet can see his progress.

Fingers crossed that he manages to fully recover.

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes for Kalipso, that injury sounds scary. Somewhat unrelated but my big 8 year old borzoi boy has had back problems and acupuncture (every 2 weeks for the last 6 months or so) has really helped.
Sue McG