Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some Networking

Someone on one of the lists I'm on had posted some networking sites I went ahead and got myself listed on them. and

Here are the links to my profiles, if you're feeling bored or curious, or bored to the point of curiousity.

At work, they decided to offer a trial program in terms of the schedule - and I took them up on it. Working 8-6 Mon. - Thu., 8-5 Fri. with every other Friday off. The pilot program ends in mid-August, but I hope they make it permanent! Considering that my daily drive is about 57 miles round-trip in the Astro-van...a day off the road would be a GOOD thing, because it's really sad when gas is becoming too expensive to get to your job to even pay your gas bill, much less the rest!

So my weekend starts tomorrow! I've got plenty to do with some web updates on several sites, as well as getting some dogs bathed - and hoping I can find information on a handling class for Saturday so I can take Shugah and Nox. Since I entered them in the Dallas shows July 4th weekend, it might be nice if they had a *little* training!

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