Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some Sad News

I received word this morning that the last of the dogs from my first litter has passed from this world. Kodi lived with a physics professor from a local university who at the time had several girls - so Kodi had his own personal "harem", although no one was ever bred. Kodi had an open, compound fracture of the femur as a 4-5 week old pup, and wore an external fixator device for several weeks. He healed well and no perceptible limp once grown. I chose to go on with his brother Freddi and placed Kodi with Richard after receiving glowing references from friends of ours.

He had a wonderful life, occasionally attending class and he and the girls traveling to a beautiful cabin in Colorado surrounded by pines. Daily walks with his harem in tow. Pictures can be found HERE.

I remember ages ago hearing from Richard that an April Fools' article was written about him naming a comet for the fawn colored fellow. And now today, he has gone. He was 12 years 9 months and one week old

Rest well Kodi. You had a wonderful life, and thanks to Richard for giving you such a fine home. You will be missed.


Annie, San Francisco said...

Tori [Lady] from San Francisco sends along her best wishes as her cousin crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

Becky said...

oohhh, rest well Kodi!
What a sweet face!