Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some Happier Tidings

I received word that our "golden boy" that we placed with a couple in California has finished his requirements for both a Rarities and an ISWS Championship this past weekend! He won Winners Dog at the Rarities show that had an ISWS Specialty in conjunction with the classes, as well as another WD win. He had gone in with 5 Rarities points - so the newly earned 10 finished him up! He is also an SRC (Silken Racing Champion) - so he now has dual champion status (the 4th Silken to do so)! So BIG congrats to Rick and Ann Steele on Brewer's accomplishments!

ISWS NAKC/Rarities IABCA UCICB International Champion Gryffyn's Strange Brew, SRC

It was a difficult decision for us to place Brewer - but after chatting with the Steele's online and realizing that he would have the best chance at something of a racing career out west where there are many participating - we decided it was a great match. And it has been!!

Brewer's sister Kandi has been leased to our friend (and Peepers' breeder) Mary Childs for a breeding, and I got an email yesterday letting me know that her pregnancy is confirmed! Kandi and Brewer are siblings of Ginger (and Tyler) from the repeat breeding of the first litter. I look forward to more news on Kandi, seeing her puppies, and also Kandi's return home! I've missed her so much!

Gryffyns Under the Milky Way

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