Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Perci - Saying Goodbye

my favorite picture of him, taken by Sally Papin

Yesterday morning I had to say goodbye to one of our boys. A son of my beloved Nikki, he wasn't known to many, and he didn't do anything all that grand when it came to showing - matter of fact, he didn't much care for it, although he did finish his championship. He would come up occasionally in conversation on the lists when the subject had turned to ticking markings. He was affectionately called the "Blue Belton Borzoi". He wasn't much for strangers although he did make friends with some folks outside our home, notably our petsitters who had a soft spot in their hearts for the old man. He was also the first dog that Jill, who currently shows Solo in the specials ring, handled for me.

Perci turned 10 just last month. He and his brother Arthur would tear out the back door looking half their age every day. They were partners in crime. Perci was introduced to straight racing when he was 5-6 years of age. He raced a few months ago and looked pretty darned good for a Borzoi of his age. Recently he began to be hard to keep weight on, especially in comparison to his sibs here, Arthur and Danu (fatty fatty). But he kept eating and running around and being very active.

Sunday he looked less active than usual. He gobbled down a can of A/D food after I noticed he wasn't too terribly interested in the kibble. We figured he was just having an off day. Monday morning he was a bit less active but still ate a bit - Monday evening he looked like he had shrunk. He had soiled his pen as well. He ate a bit after I had added some gravy from our Boston Market take-out.

This morning I took him to the vet and I got the bad news a couple hours later. Perci was in renal failure, his prostate was inflamed (possibly infected - and he had just had a prostate exam in December with no issues noted), and x-rays showed 2 large masses in his lungs. Based on past experiences with lung cancer and renal failure, we opted to let him go, so I went back down to the clinic to be with him.

What a ghastly week it's been :(

I will miss my sweet old freckled fellow.

CH Gryffyn's The Road to Avalon
March 20, 1998 - April 22, 2008

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