Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Some Link Updates

Trying to catch up on adding links I have saved from various list posts and managed to get several entered at Notable items include:

On the performance page:

  • Anne Midgarden's study on the conformation of Borzoi as it relates to speed
  • Sighthound Racing Online - internet mag for amateur dog racing enthusiasts (as in LGRA and NOTRA events for Borzoi fanciers)
On the Health links page I added a link to the online Merck Veterinary Manual and to a veterinary resource page authored at Cornell University

The most changes came to the Issues page - which lists items related to pet law. This area has grown monumentally because of 'animal rights' (as opposed to welfare) wackos who are trying to eliminate the ownership of any and all pets. One of the more notable links is to PATHWAI, which stands for "People Against Treating Humans Worse than Animals, International". Also added is a link to PetPAC, which is a political action committee spearheaded by Borzoi fancier Bill Hemby (who is, BTW, a super guy I had the pleasure of meeting at the 2006 BCOA National Specialty in Washington). Many of the other new links on the page are the result of the AB 1634 mis-labeled the "Healthy Pets Act" - dog fanciers (and other serious pet owners) know it as the "Pet Extinction Act".

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