Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Internet Housekeeping

UGH. What a mess - and such tedious work. Almost as bad as real housework (yuk). Earlier this year I bought more domain names and then got a reseller account with my webhost (United Hosting) since it would end up being cheaper for having multiple domains. Well...I had been ranked so high in Google and other search engines with the domain - that now I'm really having to work to get the others up there!

So much of today has been spent creating accounts within the Google webmaster tools, submitting URLs and creating Google sitemaps for the Gryffyn's Aeyrie web site ( and the Borzoi Central web site ( Also started work with my kinda-new site for highlighting my web-work since I've begun to get more and more interested parties interested in hiring me for webdesign services - so the Design by Gryffyn site is now on its own domain and recently updated.

Saw something about Google-stats (urchin) that I need to delve into a bit as well. Although United does provide analysis software as well.

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