Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rain Rain, Go Away

The timing is great for the opening of Evan Almighty - North Texas is going to float away. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO sick of the rain! We have had drought conditions for the past few years - so I guess this is a perfect example of getting what one wishes for! We have had more rain this month (twice as much actually) than the whole of last summer (and probably the one before it - but Mr. Weatherman did not mention those statistics). We haven't even been able to mow the backyard for weeks because on the weekends when DH Victor is at home, it rains so much there's standing water and no way to mow. And he gets home too late on weekdays to do it. Finally got bits done the other week (we had grass above the knees) but still didn't get to finish. Although the sidewalk to the front door actually got the hedges trimmed, poison ivy removed, and some tree branches taken off so folks can actually get to the front door. Since we come in through the garage on another side of the house and never use the front door - we didn't notice how overgrown it had become - whoops!

So Gryffyn's Aeyrie has become Mud Central....perhaps even "Waterworld". The outside dogs are getting miserable. We've got some shavings to put in the shelters. Had to bring in the Silken pups from their pens though - it was underwater for the most part.

Housecleaning? Forget it! No point in even attempting to mop the floor - why waste the time when it will get re-dirtied the first time someone walks in from the yard (since the utility room with the dog food is on the other side of it). Much less the mud and bits the housedogs are dragging through after going outside to do their business.

Then there's the morning and evening rush hours during the drive to the old "Ball and chain" called employment. In this damned town (that would be the general Dallas area), if a black cloud passes that even suggests rain, folks drop 20 mph and start crawling on the freeway. There are times I can really relate to road rage incidents!

I will have to look on the bright side though - at least we will likely not have all the huge cracks in the ground all over the yard - the ones inches wide and so deep we can't see the bottom. I am still astounded that no one (dogs or people) has busted a leg running pellmell through the yard (or in my case, walking - I just don't "pellmell" anymore these days) in previous years. And usually by now our grass has turned brown!

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