Monday, February 15, 2010

Gryffyn's Winter Garden

I don't remember it snowing this much, but for the last few years it seems we get at least one snowfall. This time it's a doozy! The neighborhood has been transformed into a winter wonderland covered in cottony white with crystalline accents - it just does not seem like the Dallas metro concrete jungle. We got double-digit inches of the fluffy white stuff.

looking out into the front yard

the front door is in there somewhere

It really brings out the "frisky" in our Borzoi - and some of the more adventurous Silkens. Old, fat Firebug was even getting into the spirit of things - which greatly surprised us! Of course - she is *very* well insulated - so likely was very comfy in the chilly temps.
Firebug runs circles around Kandi

Pumpkin looking for more playmates

While it looks so inviting and entertaining a few days it will turn into a nightmare of slush and mud and goo. Oh well...we will enjoy it while we can!

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Le'Ann Ruggles said...

Looks like so much fun! We haven't seen any snow yet this year. :(