Friday, September 18, 2009

A Great Loss - Two Dog Breeder Champions Have Gone

Serious dog hobbyists/breeders have lost two hard-working champions for the rights to own and breed our dogs. This is such a hard blow in these times where responsible and dedicated breeders are under attack from wealthy "animal rights" (human hate) organizations such as HSUS and PeTA.

Walter Bebout was the director of AKC Government Relations, and although he retired last year, he continued to work on legislative issues affecting dog ownership. He also educated dog fanciers about the importance of keeping informed about legislation that would affect them and how to get involved in protecting their rights to own and breed dogs. Walter was scheduled to judge Best in Show this past Friday at a show cluster in Kansas. While en route to the show, a young driver crossed the highway median and struck his car head on. Walter did not survive.

A few days later, John Yates, founder of the American Sporting Dog Alliance ( died during surgery to remove a cancerous lung. He was a seemingly tireless advocate for the right to own, breed and hunt with dogs. He sent out regular missives to those on his mailing lists wishing to keep up-to-date on legislative issues affecting those rights and even would personally appear to speak on behalf of dog fanciers confronted with draconian legislation in their state. Some of his writings can currently be found at

Rest well Walter and John. You will be terribly missed as we continue into battle once again.

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